Arctic Aegis

Vitality Cost


Casting Time

1 Reaction/ 1 Bonus Action








You slam your hands together and a sphere of swirling true ice spawns from your fingertips and expands to cover your body. Anything that touches this shield is drained of energy, covered in frost, and harmlessly falls to the ground.
You may cast this spell as a reaction to a creature you can see targeting you with an attack. You cast this spell after they’ve decided to attack you but before you know whether they hit. The shield covers your space. Any ranged attack or magical effect that would pass through it is absorbed, even if it would miss or is not aimed at you at all. The shield automatically fails saving throws. It is resistant to all damage and any damage it receives is dealt to your Vitality instead. You are incapacitated and move at half speed while concentrating on this spell.
A creature in melee range can use their action to slowly move their weapon through the shield and make a single melee attack against you.
While the shield is active, armor you wear provides no increase to your armor class, but any other benefits or penalties still apply.

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