Vitality Cost

2 per Turn

Casting Time

1 Action








Buff/ Dex Save
You stomp the ground and pull your arms down, before charging forward. As you run, the spell rapidly increases your speed. All who stand in your way are slammed away until you smash into a foe, unleashing the gathered momentum in a devastating attack.
Your movement speed increases by 5 meters when you cast this spell and again by the same amount at the start of your turn for the duration. In order to continue concentrating on this spell, you need to charge in a straight line. You do not trigger attacks of opportunity while concentrating on this spell.
Any creature in your way must use its reaction to move 1 meter out of your way or receive 1d12 force damage and be pushed 1 meter to the side.
You can also smash into a creature in your path. It may not use its reaction to get out of the way and you stop in front of it. The target must succeed a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d12 force damage and an additional 1d12 force damage for every 5 meters you traveled in a straight line as part of this spell.
You may also attempt to grapple the target. If the grapple succeeds the target travels with you and takes the damage after being smashed into an obstacle. If they are smashed into another creature, both take the damage. If the grapple fails the spell ends. The spell also ends if you stop moving, take a sharp turn, or smash into a creature.
Upcast: You may spend an additional 3 Vitality per turn to increase the movement speed you gain by 5 meters.

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