Defense Matrix

Vitality Cost

5 per Turn

Casting Time

1 Action




15-Meter Cone




Slam your palms together and pull them apart to create a massive cone of glittering white light and shimmering rainbow beams that move through it. Projectiles that enter it are struck by lasers and neutralized with high-pitched whining noises.
You create a cone that can be up to 15 meters long and is visible to all. Any projectile that enters the cone (or is fired within it) is instantly struck by one or more lasers pulses and neutralized. Explosive ordnance detonates and runes trigger. This spell neutralizes bullets, missiles, grenades, runes, arrows, and similar projectiles that have physical mass. It cannot neutralize projectiles made of energy, like a fireball.
You can use your reaction to ignore projectiles fired by one creature you can see.
Upcast: Spend an additional 1 Vitality per turn to increase the size of the cone by 2 meters.
Revealed. A revealed creature cannot benefit from invisibility and automatically fails stealth checks.

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