Vitality Cost

1 per Turn

Casting Time

Bonus Action








A shudder runs through your limbs, rooting you to whatever you are touching.
As a Bonus Action, you attach yourself to the ground or to whatever you are holding on to. You spend 1 Vitality when you cast this spell and at the start of each of your turns thereafter for every medium creature you hold this way. Using this you can run up walls and are immune to being moved or knocked prone against your will.
This spell is silent.
Upcast: Pay an additional 2 Vitality for every size you or a creature you are holding are above medium.
Silent. Most spells make a lot of noise when cast, or have flashy effects that reveal the caster’s presence to anyone nearby. A spell that is silent makes no noise when cast and so does not reveal the caster’s location to nearby creatures, but if a creature can see the caster it is still obvious that they are casting a spell.

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