Gathering Storm

Vitality Cost

1 per Turn

Casting Time

1 Bonus Action








You hold your hand behind your head and gather electric energy. More and more lightning crackles over your body, enhancing your spells until every attack you make is a storm in and of itself.
After casting this spell, whenever you cast a lightning spell, add an additional 1d6 lightning damage to that spell. As long as you don’t lose concentration, you increase the damage (1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 2d10, 3d10) of this bonus damage at the start of your turn up to a maximum of 3d10. For example, if you hold concentration for three consecutive turns and then cast pulse, you deal an additional 1d10 lightning damage to all targets. In the case of the spell static, you add the bonus damage to the pool of dice distributed between targets.

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