Lore of Frost

The Lore of Frost focuses on creating cold. However, cold however is the absence of energy and magic can only create energy. To create cold, the caster summons null point energy, which has the property that once it is created, it absorbs energy from the world around it. Frost spells require the caster to bear the physical stress of wielding null point energy and require patience and endurance to cast well.

The Lore of Frost relies on your Constitution score

The Difficulty Class of saving throws against frost spells you cast is determined as follows: 8 + your Proficiency Bonus + your Constitution modifier.

If a frost spell requires an attack roll, then the modifier for that roll equals: your Proficiency Bonus + Your Constitution modifier.

As a frost spellcaster you may add your Constitution modifier to the amount of Vitality you receive when you gain a level.

The Lore of Frost is perfect for controlling the battlefield. Spells such as Snow Storm or Wintery Whirl make it difficult for foes to reposition. Frost Trap and Arctic Aegis are powerful defensive spells that protect you from harm. The cold from these spells makes it difficult to move for the affected, as they are chilled to the bones. The Lore of Frost has many cheap spells that control the battlefield and provides strong defenses, but it lacks ways to deal large amounts of damage and can be easily resisted. Opponent that can close the gap will bypass your defenses and can finish you off quickly.

Frost Spells

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