Lore of Light

The Lore of Light focuses on creating energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation all along the visible and invisible spectrum. Most light spells depend heavily on the casters movements and require split second adjustments to form optical illusions, lasers or other useful manifestations of light.

The Lore of Light relies on your Dexterity score

The Difficulty Class of saving throws against light spells you cast is determined as follows: 8 + your Proficiency Bonus + your Dexterity modifier.

If a light spell requires an attack roll, then the modifier for that roll equals: your Proficiency Bonus + Your Dexterity modifier.

As a light spellcaster you may add your Dexterity modifier to the amount of Vitality you receive when you gain a level.

The Lore of Light is a good choice for those who value subtly and reliable results. Spells such as Shadow Cloak, Invisibility make it hard for foes to attack or even detect you. Even if they detect you, spells like Warding Glare or Mirage make it even harder to pin down and attack you. Moonlight and similar spells provides unavoidable damage and Magnify or Scry let you survey the battlefield. However, the Lore of Light has little in the way of area of effect damage and lacks the burst damage to finish foes, especially early on.

Light Spells

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