Lore of Lightning

The Lore of Lightning focuses on creating electric potentials and controlling the flow of electrons. This flow of electrons is predictable and the techniques used to summon this type of energy are complicated and need to be reproduced perfectly, the same way, every time. Those that can learn and perfectly remember them will see the efficiency and potency of their spells increased.

The Lore of Lightning relies on your Intelligence score

The Difficulty Class of saving throws against lightning spells you cast is determined as follows: 8 + your Proficiency Bonus + your Intelligence modifier.

If a lightning spell requires an attack roll, then the modifier for that roll equals: your Proficiency Bonus + Your Intelligence modifier.

As a lightning spellcaster you may add your Intelligence modifier to the amount of Vitality you receive when you gain a level.

The Lore of Lightning is perfect for debilitating and eliminating specific foes and are particularly effective at breaking the concentration of other spellcasters. Spells such as Static or Lightning Strike can decimate a lone foe, while Taser can stun them out of the fight. While the Lore of Lightning provides high damage and high range, it lacks defensive spells and area of effect damage. Large groups of foes can and will overwhelm you.

Lightning Spells

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