Vitality Cost


Casting Time

1 Action




5-Meter Radius


1 Minute


Dex Save
You make a pirouette and from you, a dome of shimmering white true ice expands from you. It creates a thin sheet of ice that grows into a dome of solid dry ice within seconds, traping you and anyone smart enough not to jump through the barrier.
You create a sphere with a radius of up to 5 meters. A creature that passes through the outer border of the sphere must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failure, they are dealt 10d6 cold damage and are frozen. On a success, they receive half as much damage and are chilled.
At the start of your next turn, the sphere of true ice turns into a thick barrier of opaque dry ice. The barrier is 30 centimeters thick, has 100 hit points, is invulnerable to necrotic and psychic damage, resistant to piercing and slashing damage, and vulnerable to fire damage. Cold damage heals it instead.
Creatures in the barrier’s space when it completes are pushed to an adjacent space inside the sphere. The sphere lasts for 1 minute before it sublimates and collapses.
Upcast: Spend an additional 5 Vitality to increase the damage dealt by 2d6 cold damage, the maximum radius by 1 meter, and the duration by 1 minute.
Chilled. A chilled creature has its movement speed halved and has disadvantage on checks to resist cold weather. If a chilled creature would be chilled again, it is frozen instead (see the condition). Taking a short or long rest removes the chilled condition.
Frozen. A frozen creature is encased in a shell of ice. The creature is incapacitated (It can’t take Actions or Reactions) and can’t move or speak.
-Attack Rolls against the creature have advantage.
-The creature automatically fails Dexterity Saving Throws.
-The creature has Resistance to all damage.
-Taking fire damage ends the condition.
At the start of its turn, a frozen creature may attempt a DC 10 Strength saving throw, ending the condition on a success.

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