Vitality Cost


Casting Time

1 Reaction




3-Meter Cone




Str Save
You place your open, angled forward palm near your side and push it forward. When your hand is fully extended, a quick blast of force is unleashed.
Target a creature in range and force it to make a Strength saving throw. On a failed save they take 1d12 force damage and medium or smaller creatures are knocked prone and thrown to the spell’s maximum range. On a success, they only take half damage and are not thrown or knocked prone. You may cast his spell as a reaction or a bonus action.
Upcast: You may spend an additional 10 Vitality to increase the force damage you deal by 1d12.
Prone. A prone creature moves by crawling at half speed, has disadvantage on attack rolls and an attack roll against the creature has advantage if the attacker is within 1 meter of the creature. Otherwise, the attack roll has disadvantage.
A creature can end the condition by using half its movement, or its bonus action, to stand up.

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