Shining Star

Vitality Cost

6/ 1 per Turn

Casting Time

1 Action




Touch/ 2-Meter Radius




Extend your open palm. Multicolored rays of light shoot away from a humming white orb. It grows until it turns into a small star. Finally, you launch this light to burn all in its path. Those caught inside it are blinded, but the light makes it impossible to look at them.
You expend 6 Vitality to create a 2-meter radius sphere on your palm, surrounded by an additional 20 meters of bright light. As a bonus action, you can move the sphere of light up to 20 meters in a single direction.
All creatures in the sphere are blinded and heavily obscured. If a creature starts its turn in the sphere, it must make a Constitution saving throw, taking 4d4 radiant damage on a fail, or half as much on a success.
At the start of your turn, you must pay 1 Vitality to maintain the sphere. You lose concentration if you end your turn without line of sight to the sphere.
Upcast: Spend an additional 1 Vitality per turn to increase the size of the cone by 2 meters.
Blinded. Unless it has tremorsense or blindsight, attack Rolls against a blinded creature have advantage, and the creature’s Attack Rolls have disadvantage.

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