Skin of Stone

Vitality Cost


Casting Time

1 Bonus Action






10 Minutes


You slam your fists together, causing a green energy wave to first flow over their body, then turn almost invisible. This kinetic energy dissemination field hugs your skin and protects you like indestructible armor.
Pay 1 Vitality. You become resistant to bludgeoning, piercing, slashing, and force damage. Any damage of that type that would be dealt to you, is dealt to your vitality instead. If you fail to pay for damage, the shield fails and the remaining damage is dealt to your health in full.
While the shield is active, armor you wear provides no increase to your armor class, but any other benefits or penalties still apply. You are also immune to damage from acceleration.
You may end the spell at any time.
Fire deals full damage to both your Vitality and to you. All other damage types, except the ones listed above, ignore the shield and deal normal damage to you.
This spell is silent.
Silent. Most spells make a lot of noise when cast, or have flashy effects that reveal the caster’s presence to anyone nearby. A spell that is silent makes no noise when cast and so does not reveal the caster’s location to nearby creatures, but if a creature can see the caster it is still obvious that they are casting a spell.

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