Skulpt Ice

Vitality Cost

2/ 1 per Attack

Casting Time

1 Bonus Action






Until Dispelled


Close your fist and from it grows ice. It forms into whatever you wish, taking the shape of a club or a razor-sharp sword. It cracks and breaks as it is struck against an opponent, leaving shards of incredible cold clinging to their armor or embedded in their flesh.
For 2 Vitality a weapon (or another small object) you are familiar with forms in your hand(s).
In addition to its normal effects, the weapon deals an additional 1d6 cold damage. The weapon constantly cracks and unless you pay 1 Vitality after each attack, the ice breaks.
You may also choose to spend 2 Vitality to create 1 piece of non-firearm ammunition (arrows, bolts, etc).
If you use this spell to enhance a normal weapon or non-firearm ammunition you are carrying (causing ice to form on it), the spell costs only 1 vitality to cast.
The ice that forms is dry ice (frozen air) and evaporates into white mist as it warms up. There is no environment on earth cold enough to sustain dry ice indefinitely and a created object breaks 1 turn after it leaves your grasp and an enhanced weapon loses the enhancement after 1 turn.

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