Lore of Force

The Lore of Force focuses on summoning movement. Its spells manipulate gravity and induce motion. Especially early on casters control it by simply magnifying the power behind their own movement, their inertia, or how their bodies react to acceleration and deformation. Because of this a strong body makes it easier to summon force magic.

The Lore of Force relies on your Strength score

The Difficulty Class of saving throws against force spells you cast is determined as follows: 8 + your Proficiency Bonus + your Strength modifier.

If a force spell requires an attack roll, then the modifier for that roll equals: your Proficiency Bonus + Your Strength modifier.

As a force spellcaster you may add your Strength modifier to the amount of Vitality you receive when you gain a level.

The Lore of Force is a good choice for fighting on the frontlines. With the spell Skin of Stone you can greatly increase your survivability by protecting yourself from physical attacks. Weapons like swords, bows and guns are all but useless against you. Power Punch and your ability to crush grappled foes (Channel Force I) makes you a deadly close-range threat and spells like Charge, Unyielding and Grapple make it easy to close the gap between yourself and foes that rely on using ranged attacks. While the Lore of Force provides mobility and high damage, it lacks range and most enemy magic users easily bypass your defensive capabilities and can punish you during your approach with ease.

Force Spells

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