Vitality Cost


Casting Time

1 Action






1 Day


Place your hands on a creature’s head and put them in a deep, dreamless sleep.
When the spell completes, a willing or unconscious living creature enters stasis. It no longer ages and does not require food, water, or air. Any effects it is under are suspended until it wakes up.
The magical energy keeps them alive and unconscious. Unless it is disintegrated, it cannot be killed while in this state. It takes damage as normal but is only affected by it when it wakes up.
If the target is already dead it does not rot and the time it spends in stasis is ignored when determining how long it has been dead for spells like Revivification or Denial.
The spell ends at the end of the duration, when it’s dispelled by the caster, or if the Purge spell is cast on the creature in stasis.
Casting the spell several times on the same creature extends the duration.
If a creature is frozen solid while under the effect of stasis, the spell’s duration stops running out until the creature thaws. If cold damage reduced it to 0 health to freeze it, the creature always returns to life at 1 hit point.
Upcast. Spend an additional 5 Vitality to increase the duration by 1 month.
Unconscious. An unconscious creature is incapacitated (It can’t take Actions or Reactions), can’t move or speak, and is unaware of its surroundings. The creature drops whatever it’s holding and falls prone, automatically fails Strength and Dexterity saving throws and attack rolls against the creature have advantage. Any attack that hits the creature is a critical hit if the attacker is within 1 meter of the creature.

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