Vitality Cost

4 per Hour

Casting Time

1 Action




5-Meter Radius




Holding something that belonged to a creature in one hand and touching your temple with the other, you analyze the surrounding area and track your quarry like a bloodhound.
Target a creature. The spell requires an object that the creature had prolonged contact with, or another sample of the creature, such as hair, blood, or skin flakes. As part of the action used to cast this spell, you scan the sample. Once scanned you do not need the sample to concentrate on the spell, or to recast this spell with that creature as the target.
If the target of the spell passed through a point no more than 5 meters away from you, you detect the path it took and how long ago it was here, as long as no more than 1 week has passed since then. If the target’s blood has been spilled, the spell always detects its presence, regardless of how much time has passed. If the target is inside the area, it is revealed to you.
The spell detects genetic material and scents the target left behind, meaning that they can’t be tracked through bodies of water and rain destroys the tracks.

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