Survivor's Handbook

Forge your own destiny in the New World.
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This over 300 page total rework introduces a revolutionary approach to playing DND in a post-apocalyptic world. It includes over a hundred new artworks (with more to come) and a plethora of new systems to adapt the d20 based system we all know and love to the modern, magical, post-apocalyptic setting that is the New World. Every part of the system is designed to represent a gritty and grounded environment, while at the same time allowing players to shine and express themselves in a world of limitless possibility.

Random Character Creation

Every stage of character creation includes tables and other tools to determine the outcome randomly. This unique feature allows you to either shape the character you desire or fully immerse yourself in the unpredictable nature of the post-apocalyptic world.

New Species (Races) System

Enter the grounded, survival-based New World with nine reworked species tailored to fit the setting seamlessly. Players now have the opportunity to be tiny, small, medium, or large, with their size significantly impacting their capabilities. It determines both their hit points and vitality (more on that later), as well as their Armor Class (AC). Each species possesses its own unique advantages and disadvantages, biological quirks, predispositions, and lore, ensuring a diverse and immersive gameplay experience.

Acquired Species and Transformations

Beyond the nine 'normal' species, an additional five acquired species, such as vampires, dryads, and wildlings, provide customization options that can be layered on top of another species. This allows players to enjoy unique benefits and drawbacks that further enhance their characters. The freedom to play what you want is granted, with the wildling option for example offering a vast selection of "wild blessings" to create virtually any character concept while remaining true to the grounded style of the New World.


Say goodbye to the traditional uses per day or spell slots system. Instead, vitality powers almost all class abilities, magic items, and spells. It is determined using vitality dice, similar to how hit points are calculated.

Survival and Grit

Immerse yourself fully in the post-apocalyptic New World with brand new hunger, weather, and resting systems. Engage with the challenges of survival as you navigate this harsh reality. Healing is now tied to hit dice, enabling the inclusion of awesome abilities like Regeneration and potent healing spells without disrupting game balance. Exhaustion plays a more significant role.

Down But Not Out

When creatures are reduced to 0 hit points, they are usually downed instead of just knocked unconscious. This brand new system gives players agency even when damage removes them from the fight.

Classes Reworked

With twelve reimagined classes, this rework offers a somewhat familiar roster that includes the Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Fighter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Prophet, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Witch. The maximum level is now capped at 10, and classes have been redesigned to provide more impactful abilities and power jumps, even at lower levels.

Brand New Spell System

Delve into a spell system enriched by over 300 brand new spells. Each class is typically tied to a specific spell list, with completely custom spells for each list. This means that every form of magic in the game is distinct and unique. The spells are thoughtfully organized, eliminating the need for endless page flipping and ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

  • Arias

Bards use so called arias, multi-tiered spells that make them uniquely versatile, but need time to ramp up.

  • Divine Magic

Prophets and Paladins have a large selection of spells that manipulates the minds and souls of living beings by means of divine power.

  • Elemental Magic

Mages, Sorcerers, and Witches wield the power of the six elemental lores. Their spells offer incredible fire power as they focus on summoning pure energy.

  • Wild Magic

Druids and Rangers attune their bodies to world itself to connect with nature, divine information from it, and manipulate the environment.

Witchcraft for Crafters

Craft magic items as the brand new Witch class using 68 potion formulas and enchantments.

Maneuvers for Martials

These 21 new spell-like abilities provide martial characters with a range of non-magical strategic choices both in and out of combat.

Modern Gear

Embrace the modern world setting of SoaNW with a comprehensive system for firearms, grenades, and an abundance of other modern equipment. Explore the interactions between technology and magic as you navigate the post-apocalyptic landscape.

Brand New Crafting System

Crafting has never been more accessible and rewarding. Engage with a simple yet robust crafting system that allows you to create almost anything you might need. Whether it's weapons, armor, or essential survival tools, unleash your creativity and resourcefulness to forge your own path.

Founding a Settlement

Experience the intricacies of building and managing a post-apocalyptic community through the brand new settlement system. Found your own settlement, develop its infrastructure, and make crucial decisions that shape the fate of your community. Engage in diplomacy or wage war with other groups of survivors, as you strive to carve out your place in the New World.

Companion System

Embracing the desire for player companions, SoaNW provides various classes with unique ways of acquiring and utilizing companions. Whether it's through magical connections with wild animals, recruiting loyal companions from your settlement, or employing mind control and magical slave collars or tattoos, companions become an integral part of your journey.

Vehicle System

Cruise through the New World on everything from a bike, to a truck or a plane. The brand new vehicle system implements over twenty vehicles and a simple system to run them both on the campaign and battle map. Upgrade your rides and experience the dawn of a new world in style.