Saga of a New World (Audiobook EN)

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Who will stand in this new world of magic and technology … And who will fall?

This book combines modern post-apocalypse with magic and monsters, and presents the struggle for survival in a transformed world from the perspective of a young woman in an approachable and exciting way. You won’t find any chosen ones among the main characters, just normal people in a completely abnormal situation.

After a mysterious warning on the radio, a black mist engulfs the world. Astrid, a young woman, is separated from her family in the supernatural darkness and wakes up alone in the forest the next morning. She is no longer herself. During the mist, she was given the body of a young elf named Novi, and she’s not the only one who has been transformed. Monsters roam the countryside and a black, deadly fog covers the towns. Now Astrid has to find her family without dying in the process. Easier said than done, but fortunately for her, she quickly meets other survivors. Nothing welds people together like a catastrophe and together with Noah, a policeman turned into an imp, Fynn, a young hunter, Sheriff Winkler, an old inspector who has been given the body of a young elf, and many others, Astrid faces this new world. Together they might even survive.

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Dimensions 19 × 12.5 × 2.7 cm

Writing is my passion and the Saga of a New World is my greatest work.

Louis F. Krahn