Survivor’s Handbook


The Survivor’s Handbook is the essential reference for any SAGA OF A NEW WORLD roleplayer and story writer. It contains the framework for randomly or deliberately determining what would happen to you should the changing fog descend today. In addition to a diverse set of species and potent classes to play it includes rules for exploration, modern firearms, vehicles, and a unique settlement system to build and manage your community.


Play as yourself or create another unique character to forge a destiny in this new world of magic and technology.

The New World is our modern Earth, changed by a mysterious event that transformed life on Earth. Even those humans who were not transformed into dwarves, elves, giants, or any of the other many intelligent species introduced to our world, have the skills of another linger in their minds. Equipped with everything from martial mastery, mighty elemental magic, witchcraft, or the mysterious power of the wild the survivors will face animals transformed into lethal monsters, mysterious gods, and each other.

Will you stand in this new world...

or will you fall?